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FE Development and Debugging Environment - Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

Apache Doris Be development and debugging in VS Code

Some developers are building FE development environment on a development machine/WSL/docker, but this kind of development environment is not supported for local development, some developers are used to use VSCode to configure remote develop and debug.


  • JDK11+ (Java Extension Pack need JDK11+) (author is creating a lib directory under home, and install JDK11 and JDK8 in it, and use them for Extensions and Compilation)
  • VSCode
    • Extension Pack for Java
    • Remote Extensions

Download code for compilation

  1. Download the doris source code

  2. use VSCode to open the code /fe directory

Setting for VSCode

Create settings.json in .vscode/ , and set settings:

  • "java.configuration.runtimes"
  • "" -- must set it to the directory of JDK11+, used for vscode-java plugin
  • "maven.executable.path" -- maven path,for maven-language-server plugin


"java.configuration.runtimes": [
"name": "JavaSE-1.8",
"path": "/!!!path!!!/jdk-1.8.0_191"
"name": "JavaSE-11",
"path": "/!!!path!!!/jdk-",
"default": true
"": "/!!!path!!!/jdk-",
"maven.executable.path": "/!!!path!!!/maven/bin/mvn"


Other articles have already explained:

In order to debug, you need to add debugging parameters when fe starts, such as


In doris/output/fe/bin/ , after $JAVA $final_java_opt add this param.