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System Action

System Action


GET /rest/v1/system


System Action is used for information about the Proc system built in Doris.

Path parameters​


Query parameters​

  • path

    Optional parameter, specify the path of proc

Request body​



Take /dbs/10003/10054/partitions/10053/10055 as an example:

"msg": "success",
"code": 0,
"data": {
"href_columns": ["TabletId", "MetaUrl", "CompactionStatus"],
"column_names": ["TabletId", "ReplicaId", "BackendId", "SchemaHash", "Version", "VersionHash", "LstSuccessVersion", "LstSuccessVersionHash", "LstFailedVersion", "LstFailedVersionHash", "LstFailedTime", "DataSize", "RowCount", "State", "LstConsistencyCheckTime", "CheckVersion", "CheckVersionHash", "VersionCount", "PathHash", "MetaUrl", "CompactionStatus"],
"rows": [{
"SchemaHash": "1294206575",
"LstFailedTime": "\\N",
"LstFailedVersion": "-1",
"MetaUrl": "URL",
"__hrefPaths": ["", "", ""],
"CheckVersionHash": "-1",
"ReplicaId": "10057",
"VersionHash": "4611804212003004639",
"LstConsistencyCheckTime": "\\N",
"LstSuccessVersionHash": "4611804212003004639",
"CheckVersion": "-1",
"Version": "6",
"VersionCount": "2",
"State": "NORMAL",
"BackendId": "10032",
"DataSize": "776",
"LstFailedVersionHash": "0",
"LstSuccessVersion": "6",
"CompactionStatus": "URL",
"TabletId": "10056",
"PathHash": "-3259732870068082628",
"RowCount": "21"
"count": 1

The column_names in the data part is the header information, and href_columns indicates which columns in the table are hyperlink columns. Each element in the rows array represents a row. Among them, __hrefPaths is not the table data, but the link URL of the hyperlink column, which corresponds to the column in href_columns one by one.