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File System Benchmark Tools


fs_benchmark_tool can be used to test the basic service performance of remote storage systems including hdfs and object storage, such as read and write performance. This tool is mainly used to analyze or troubleshoot the performance problems of remote storage systems.

Compile and install

fs_benchmark_tool is part of the BE code and does not compile by default. To compile, execute the following command:

cd doris 

After compilation, the following contents will be generated in the output/be/ directory:


Note that fs_benchmark_tool it needs to be used in the BE running environment directory, because it depends on the BE-related jar package, environment variables, etc.


Command format:

sh \
--conf= configuration file \
--fs_type= file system \
--operation= operations on the file system \
--file_size= file size \
--threads= the number of threads \
--iterations= the number of iterations

Parameter parsing​

--conf Required parameter

Configuration file corresponding to the operation file. It is mainly used to add the relevant connection information of the remote storage system. See examples below.

If you want to connect hdfs, please put the hdfs-site.xml core-site.xml file in the be/conf directory.

In addition to the connection information, there are the following additional parameters:

  • file_size: Specifies the size of the file to read or write.

  • buffer_size: The block size of the file read by one read operation.

  • base_dir: Specifies the base path to read or write to the file.

--fs_type Required parameter

The type of file system on which the operation is required. Currently supported hdfs,s3.

--operation Required parameter

Specifies the type of operation

  • create_write: Each thread creates a file named test_${current thread number} in the base_dir(set in conf file) directory and writes to the file with a write size file_size of.

  • open_read: On create_write the basis of the created file, each thread reads the file with the name of test_${current thread number} and the read size of file_size.

  • single_read: Read file_path(set in conf file) file, read size is file_size.

  • prefetch_read:Use prefetch reader to read file_path(set in conf file) file, read size is file_size. Only for s3 file system.

  • exists: Each thread queries whether a file with test_${current thread number} filename exists.

  • rename: On create_write the basis of the created file, each thread changes the test_${current thread number} filename to test_${current thread number}_new.

  • list: Get base_dir(set in conf file) the list of files in the directory.


The file size of the operation, in bytes.

  • create_write: Default is 10 MB.

  • open_read: Default is 10 MB.

  • single_read: The default is 0, that is, the full file is read.


The number of threads for the operation. The default number is 1.


The number of iterations ( The number of times the function was executed ) per thread. The default number is 1.

Result analysis​

Except for rename the operation, the other operations are repeated three times, and the average value, the median value, the standard deviation, and the like are calculated.

Benchmark Time CPU Iterations UserCounters...
HdfsReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1 13642 ms 2433 ms 1 OpenReaderTime(S)=4.80734 ReadRate(B/S)=101.104M/s ReadTime(S)=13.642 ReadTotal(B)=1.37926G
HdfsReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1 3918 ms 1711 ms 1 OpenReaderTime(S)=22.041u ReadRate(B/S)=352.011M/s ReadTime(S)=3.91824 ReadTotal(B)=1.37926G
HdfsReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1 3685 ms 1697 ms 1 OpenReaderTime(S)=35.837u ReadRate(B/S)=374.313M/s ReadTime(S)=3.68479 ReadTotal(B)=1.37926G
HdfsReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_mean 7082 ms 1947 ms 3 OpenReaderTime(S)=1.60247 ReadRate(B/S)=275.809M/s ReadTime(S)=7.08166 ReadTotal(B)=1.37926G
HdfsReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_median 3918 ms 1711 ms 3 OpenReaderTime(S)=35.837u ReadRate(B/S)=352.011M/s ReadTime(S)=3.91824 ReadTotal(B)=1.37926G
HdfsReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_stddev 5683 ms 421 ms 3 OpenReaderTime(S)=2.7755 ReadRate(B/S)=151.709M/s ReadTime(S)=5.68258 ReadTotal(B)=0
HdfsReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_cv 80.24 % 21.64 % 3 OpenReaderTime(S)=173.20% ReadRate(B/S)=55.01% ReadTime(S)=80.24% ReadTotal(B)=0.00%
HdfsReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_max 13642 ms 2433 ms 3 OpenReaderTime(S)=4.80734 ReadRate(B/S)=374.313M/s ReadTime(S)=13.642 ReadTotal(B)=1.37926G
HdfsReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_min 3685 ms 1697 ms 3 OpenReaderTime(S)=22.041u ReadRate(B/S)=101.104M/s ReadTime(S)=3.68479 ReadTotal(B)=1.37926G

Focus on the first three lines, the result of three repeated executions of the code. The first time involves some operations such as connection initialization, so it will take a long time. The latter two times usually represent normal performance.

Focus UserCounters on information in:

  • OpenReaderTime: Time to open the file.
  • ReadRate: read rate. The overall throughput is recorded here. If it is multithreaded, it can be divided by the number of threads, which represents the average rate per thread.
  • ReadTime: Read time consuming. What is recorded here is the accumulated time of multiple threads. Divided by the number of threads, it represents the average time spent per thread.
  • ReadTotal: Total amount read. What is recorded here is the accumulated value of multiple threads. Divided by the number of threads, this represents the average reads per thread.
  • WriteRate: Same as ReadRate. Represents the write rate.
  • WriteTime: Same as ReadTime. Represents time to write.
  • WriteTotal: Same as ReadTotal. Represents the total amount written.
  • ListCost/RenameCost/ExistsCost: A single operation of the corresponding operation takes time.




sh \
--conf=hdfs.conf \
--fs_type=hdfs \
--operation=create_write \
--file_size=1024000 \
--threads=3 \

Using hdfs.conf the configuration file,create_write operate on the hdfs file system , using three threads, write 1MB per operation, and iterate 5 times.

hdfs.conf Profile:


Operation result:

Benchmark Time CPU Iterations UserCounters...
HdfsCreateWriteBenchmark/iterations:5/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:3 61.7 ms 38.7 ms 15 WriteRate(B/S)=3.31902M/s WriteTime(S)=0.387954 WriteTotal(B)=3.072M
HdfsCreateWriteBenchmark/iterations:5/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:3 49.6 ms 3.09 ms 15 WriteRate(B/S)=4.12967M/s WriteTime(S)=0.427992 WriteTotal(B)=3.072M
HdfsCreateWriteBenchmark/iterations:5/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:3 45.2 ms 2.72 ms 15 WriteRate(B/S)=4.53148M/s WriteTime(S)=0.362854 WriteTotal(B)=3.072M
HdfsCreateWriteBenchmark/iterations:5/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:3_mean 52.2 ms 14.8 ms 3 WriteRate(B/S)=3.99339M/s WriteTime(S)=0.392933 WriteTotal(B)=3.072M
HdfsCreateWriteBenchmark/iterations:5/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:3_median 49.6 ms 3.09 ms 3 WriteRate(B/S)=4.12967M/s WriteTime(S)=0.387954 WriteTotal(B)=3.072M
HdfsCreateWriteBenchmark/iterations:5/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:3_stddev 8.55 ms 20.7 ms 3 WriteRate(B/S)=617.61k/s WriteTime(S)=0.0328536 WriteTotal(B)=0
HdfsCreateWriteBenchmark/iterations:5/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:3_cv 16.39 % 139.34 % 3 WriteRate(B/S)=15.47% WriteTime(S)=8.36% WriteTotal(B)=0.00%
HdfsCreateWriteBenchmark/iterations:5/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:3_max 61.7 ms 38.7 ms 3 WriteRate(B/S)=4.53148M/s WriteTime(S)=0.427992 WriteTotal(B)=3.072M
HdfsCreateWriteBenchmark/iterations:5/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:3_min 45.2 ms 2.72 ms 3 WriteRate(B/S)=3.31902M/s WriteTime(S)=0.362854 WriteTotal(B)=3.072M
HDFS 上生成的文件:
[hadoop@172 ~]$ hadoop fs -ls -h /benchmarks/TestDFSIO/io_data/
Found 3 items
-rw-r--r-- 3 hadoop supergroup 100 2023-06-27 11:55 /benchmarks/TestDFSIO/io_data/test_0
-rw-r--r-- 3 hadoop supergroup 100 2023-06-27 11:55 /benchmarks/TestDFSIO/io_data/test_1
-rw-r--r-- 3 hadoop supergroup 100 2023-06-27 11:55 /benchmarks/TestDFSIO/io_data/test_2

Object storage​


sh bin/ \
--conf=s3.conf \
--fs_type=s3 \
--operation=single_read \
--threads=1 \

Using s3.conf the configuration file, operate on the s3 file system single_read, using 1 thread, with 1 iteration.

s3.conf Profile:


Operation result:

Benchmark Time CPU Iterations UserCounters...
S3ReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1 7534 ms 140 ms 1 ReadRate(B/S)=11.9109M/s ReadTime(S)=7.53353 ReadTotal(B)=89.7314M
S3ReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1 5988 ms 118 ms 1 ReadRate(B/S)=14.985M/s ReadTime(S)=5.98808 ReadTotal(B)=89.7314M
S3ReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1 6060 ms 124 ms 1 ReadRate(B/S)=14.8081M/s ReadTime(S)=6.05961 ReadTotal(B)=89.7314M
S3ReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_mean 6527 ms 127 ms 3 ReadRate(B/S)=13.9014M/s ReadTime(S)=6.52707 ReadTotal(B)=89.7314M
S3ReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_median 6060 ms 124 ms 3 ReadRate(B/S)=14.8081M/s ReadTime(S)=6.05961 ReadTotal(B)=89.7314M
S3ReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_stddev 872 ms 11.4 ms 3 ReadRate(B/S)=1.72602M/s ReadTime(S)=0.87235 ReadTotal(B)=0
S3ReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_cv 13.37 % 8.94 % 3 ReadRate(B/S)=12.42% ReadTime(S)=13.37% ReadTotal(B)=0.00%
S3ReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_max 7534 ms 140 ms 3 ReadRate(B/S)=14.985M/s ReadTime(S)=7.53353 ReadTotal(B)=89.7314M
S3ReadBenchmark/iterations:1/repeats:3/manual_time/threads:1_min 5988 ms 118 ms 3 ReadRate(B/S)=11.9109M/s ReadTime(S)=5.98808 ReadTotal(B)=89.7314M