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Release 1.2.7

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some query issues.
  • Fix some storage issues.
  • Fix some decimal precision issues.
  • Fix query error caused by invalid sql_select_limit session variable's value.
  • Fix the problem that hdfs short-circuit read cannot be used.
  • Fix the problem that Tencent Cloud cosn cannot be accessed.
  • Fix several issues with hive catalog kerberos access.
  • Fix the problem that stream load profile cannot be used.
  • Fix promethus monitoring parameter format problem.
  • Fix the table creation timeout issue when creating a large number of tablets.

New Features

  • Unique Key model supports array type as value column
  • Added have_query_cache variable for compatibility with MySQL ecosystem.
  • Added enable_strong_consistency_read to support strong consistent read between sessions
  • FE metrics supports user-level query counter