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Release 1.1.2

In this release, Doris Team has fixed more than 170 issues or performance improvement since 1.1.1. This release is a bugfix release on 1.1 and all users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.


New MemTracker​

Introduced new MemTracker for both vectorized engine and non-vectorized engine which is more accurate.

Add API for showing current queries and kill query​

Support read/write emoji of UTF16 via ODBC Table​


  • Improved HDFS ORC File scan performance about 300%. #11501

  • Support HDFS HA mode when query Iceberg table.

  • Support query Hive data created by Apache Tez

  • Add Ali OSS as Hive external support.

Add support for string and text type in Spark Load​

Add reuse block in non-vectorized engine and have 50% performance improvement in some cases. #11392​

Improve like or regex performance​

Disable tcmalloc's aggressive_memory_decommit​

It will have 40% performance gains in load or query.

Currently it is a config, you can change it by set config tc_enable_aggressive_memory_decommit.

Bug Fix

Some issues about FE that will cause FE failure or data corrupt.​

  • Add reserved disk config to avoid too many reserved BDB-JE files.(Serious) In an HA environment, BDB JE will retains as many reserved files. The BDB-je log doesn't delete until approaching a disk limit.

  • Fix fatal bug in BDB-JE which will cause FE replica could not start correctly or data corrupted. (Serious)

Fe will hang on waitFor_rpc during query and BE will hang in high concurrent scenarios.​

#12459 #12458 #12392

A fatal issue in vectorized storage engine which will cause wrong result. (Serious)​

#11754 #11694

#12080 #12075 #12040 #12003 #12007 #11971 #11933 #11861 #11859 #11855 #11837 #11834 #11821 #11782 #11723 #11569