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Release 1.1.4

In this release, Doris Team has fixed about 60 issues or performance improvement since 1.1.3. This release is a bugfix release on 1.1 and all users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.


  • Support obs broker load for Huawei Cloud. #13523

  • SparkLoad support parquet and orc file.#13438


  • Do not acquire mutex in metric hook since it will affect query performance during heavy load.#10941


  • The where condition does not take effect when spark load loads the file. #13804

  • If function return error result when there is nullable column in vectorized mode. #13779

  • Fix incorrect result when using anti join with other join predicates. #13743

  • BE crash when call function concat(ifnull). #13693

  • Fix planner bug when there is a function in group by clause. #13613

  • Table name and column name is not recognized correctly in lateral view clause. #13600

  • Unknown column when use MV and table alias. #13605

  • JSONReader release memory of both value and parse allocator. #13513

  • Fix allow create mv using to_bitmap() on negative value columns when enable_vectorized_alter_table is true. #13448

  • Microsecond in function from_date_format_str is lost. #13446

  • Sort exprs nullability property may not be right after subsitute using child's smap info. #13328

  • Fix core dump on case when have 1000 condition. #13315

  • Fix bug that last line of data lost for stream load. #13066

  • Restore table or partition with the same replication num as before the backup. #11942