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Release 1.2.6

Behavior Change

  • Add a BE configuration item allow_invalid_decimalv2_literal to control whether can import data that exceeding the decimal's precision, for compatibility with previous logic.


  • Fix several query planning issues.
  • Support sql_select_limit session variable.
  • Optimize query cold run performance.
  • Fix expr context memory leak.
  • Fix the issue that the explode_split function was executed incorrectly in some cases.

Multi Catalog

  • Fix the issue that synchronizing hive metadata caused FE replay edit log to fail.
  • Fix refresh catalog operation causing FE OOM.
  • Fix the issue that jdbc catalog cannot handle 0000-00-00 correctly.
  • Fixed the issue that the kerberos ticket cannot be refreshed automatically.
  • Optimize the partition pruning performance of hive.
  • Fix the inconsistent behavior of trino and presto in jdbc catalog.
  • Fix the issue that hdfs short-circuit read could not be used to improve query efficiency in some environments.
  • Fix the issue that the iceberg table on CHDFS could not be read.


  • Fix the wrong calculation of delete bitmap in MOW table.
  • Fix several BE memory issues.
  • Fix snappy compression issue.
  • Fix the issue that jemalloc may cause BE to crash in some cases.


  • Fix several java udf related issues.
  • Fix the issue that the recover table operation incorrectly triggered the creation of dynamic partitions.
  • Fix timezone when importing orc files via broker load.
  • Fix the issue that the newly added PERCENT keyword caused the replay metadata of the routine load job to fail.
  • Fix the issue that the truncate operation failed to acts on a non-partitioned table.
  • Fix the issue that the mysql connection was lost due to the show snapshot operation.
  • Optimize the lock logic to reduce the probability of lock timeout errors when creating tables.
  • Add session variable have_query_cache to be compatible with some old mysql clients.
  • Optimize the error message when encountering an error of loading.

Big Thanks

Thanks all who contribute to this release: